Villa am Kurpark - The Hotel

Bad Homburg: The casino, the spa-gardens, and the castle still remind us today of the brilliance of the era of the Kaisers.       At that time the rich and the beautiful of Europe came to Bad Homburg for its health-giving springs and nobly appointed centres of recreation. Bad Homburg today, as a congress- and recreation-centre, is an attractive town, close to but apart from Frankfurt, distinguished by its superior atmosphere, the quality of life which it offers, and the spare-time activities it provides.
The Hotel "Villa am Kurpark" has the best possible site - on the Kaiser-Friedrich-Promenade, less than 10 miles from Frankfurt. A 19th century villa, restored with loving care for detail, it is appointed with every modern convenience for your comfort. A well-cared-for house awaits your pleasure!



Zur Hauptseite der Karin Löw Hotellerie